Relax in Style – Cruises to Bermuda

If you think that both cruises and Bermuda are “for the newly wed and nearly dead”, think again. Cruises to Bermuda have been revamped since the phrase was first coined. Cruise boats no longer have to stay for three days in port, so you can book a cruise which takes in Bermuda on the way to other destinations in the tropics. This restriction used to limit East Coast holiday makers’ 7 day cruises to Bermuda, cruise-ship-booking but now cruise ships can stay for one day only, if they wish.

Bermuda is easily accessible from the East Coast, with cruise ships operating out of several ports; Baltimore, New York, Norfolk, etc.It takes around a day and a half to get there, For more info please visit sites:- but there’s so much to do on most cruise ships that you’ll have plenty to occupy your time on board.

There are many types of entertainment to choose from, most cruise lines have evening entertainment, deck games, a fitness centre and satellite TV. You can stroll around the deck in the moonlight, (yes, that old saying is still true. Cruises are romantic), or during the day, booking-a-cruise and see if you can catch a glimpse of marine life. There’s something for everyone.

Booking cruises to Bermuda online is easy and there are several cruise lines that operate routes from the East Coast, so you can choose one from a port near home. It can cost as little as $100 a day, although if you want the best a cruise ship has to offer, comforthottubs you will have to pay more. There are usually good deals to be had, and if you are considering traveling in a group there may be discounts for groups booking 8 cabins or more. Some cruise lines offer discounts for the over 55s also.

When your ship docks in Bermuda you can take a bus to any one of the numerous beaches on the island, which are famed for their pink sand. (The color comes from microscopic marine creatures called foraminifera.) The pinkest beaches are to be found at Warwick Long Bay, Horseshoe Bay, Jobson Cove and Chaplin Bay.

When you are on your cruise, pinkribbonlove if you are celebrating an anniversary or birthday you can expect a complimentary cake if you tell your booking agent or state this fact when you book online. You can order room decorations, flowers and champagne, but such things are not included in the cruise price.

So what is included in these cruises to Bermuda? You have free access to the fitness centre, although if you want to take part in a special class e.g. for yoga or Pilates, you will have to pay for this. Your meals are included, but not those you might choose to take in a specialty or alternative restaurant. There is no charge for room service and tips are optional. All games are included in cruises to Bermuda,  except for gambling. If you are thirsty, tea, coffee and water are free. So think about taking one of these cruises to Bermuda, and join the 300,000 other visitors who visit the island every year on cruise boats.


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