How To Write an Article On International Events – Framing The Dialogue

As a quasi-news junkie I often like to read the international news from various sources. It’s amazing how you can read about the same event, but get several different skewed observations of it. Not long ago, I was reading about the territorial disputes in the South China Sea between the Philippines, Korea, bunnydirectories and China. Obviously, each of those three nations in their newspapers showed a sense of nationalism, favoring their own position against the others. Meanwhile, I read news stories about the same issue in Europe, the United States, Japan, and Australia.

By that time I pretty much got an idea of what everyone was concerned about, iemlabs and this has been an ongoing dispute for some time now. Okay so, I was preparing an article where I was going to mention this dispute as an example of some of the other conflicts going on in the world over territorial waters. Now the question is how to frame the debate and dialogue and write about this international event along with others in an audience which would primarily be made up of US citizens, who are expecting their content online to be of an eighth grade reading level.

Now then, mrsbdt I would submit to you that if you are writing international events you need to consider who you are writing to, and try to stay neutral on the debate, and if you are to write any sentences leading your reader one way or the other you need to make it obvious from which perspective you are writing as you frame the dialogue. If you fail to do this you will miss a grand opportunity to having a legitimate discussion which will appear to be neutral to the reader. Although your article may not be neutral at all, it should be fair in at least explaining the dispute from all sides.

No, not all international articles will be disputes, reelsite for instance you could be writing about the 2012 London Olympic Games, where perhaps there may be no disputes in your topic at all, as there were winners and losers, and the scores were documented, and the medals were given out to the winners. When describing foreign athletes, it makes sense to explain to the reader in that case how their public feels about their particular athlete, and why he was favored to do well. crosstrainer-kaufen

In fact, if you will write articles in this way, your article will stand the test of integrity and honesty, and you will garner readers from all over the planet even if you are focusing on the readers in your own nation. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. lytron


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